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Hinged Compression Sock Aid ( Double Spring )


The Hinged Compression Sock Aid was created to provide improvements over similar devices.

  • Customized hinge allows the Aid to close to a smaller opening, which makes it easier to put the compression sock on the device. This makes it easier to use for those individuals with weak or arthritic fingers.
  • The hinge opens to a larger size which allows the Aid and sock to comfortably glide on and over the foot and ankle. One size fits most feet.
  • Double spring tension on the back of the Aid provides a moderate pressure to open the compression sock wide enough to glide over the foot and ankle.
  • Large foam grips with soft ropes make gripping and pulling up the Aide and sock easier and more comfortable. The ropes are long enough to prevent bending past the knees when using the Aid.
  • Designed for travel or support socks, Ted Hose, and Compression socks with 20 to 30 mm/hg
  • Compression level                            Recommended Device

    • Mild (8-15 mm HG)               Hinged Sock Aid
    • Moderate (15-20 mm HG)    Hinged Sock Aid
    • Firm (20-30 mm HG)             Hinged Compression Sock Aid ( Two spring)
    • Very Firm (30-40 mm HG)     Not available